-Destiny Sparks

“Photography is the art of making memories tangible."

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I would LOVE the opportunity to capture your story. Let me know how I can help you create lasting memories.

Growing up I was honestly never in love with my name. I've come to appreciate it's uniqueness, but when I decided to build my business I really wanted to have a constant reminder of why I should dream big and run wild with my goals. I can't think of two other people in the world that push me to be the best version of myself than my "littles", Carson {James} and my {Riley} Ann...and so Riley James Photography was born.


So why Riley James?

I’m a born and raised Florida girl who loves a good pair of jeans, chocolate chip cookies, and having my toes in the sand while watching my 2 favorite little ones play in the surf.

I’ve been in love with photography for as long as I can remember. (There are pictures of me holding my dad's camera before I could talk) I started this dream of mine just simply taking pictures for friends and never imagined the pure joy I would get from capturing the moment a couple starts their life together on their wedding day, or a sweet afternoon in the park loving on their little ones.

hey there,- I'm Mackenzie

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These are my people! They are the reason I keep chasing dreams and foundation of why I believe in what I do.

My favorite times with them are spent doing the simple things (like game nights and cuddles), or watching them experience something new (like our summer whitewater rafting adventure).

My Family

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Nothing recharges my soul more than that crisp ocean air. I can walk for miles and miles on the hunt for the perfectly imperfect seashell or just sit in the sand watching my kids build drip castles and splash in the surf.

There’s just something about looking out at the ocean that makes all my dreams and goals seem possible. The rhythmic sounds of the water crashing on the shore calm me and remind me to slow down and truly soak in all that life has to offer.  Some of my favorite memories are where the sand meets the sea. 

Salty Air + Sand in my toes

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The more homemade the better! But let's be real...I don't discriminate when it comes to the ooey gooeyness of them! 

I'm also a sucker for anything that mixes salty & sweet! Chocolate covered pretzels and Peanut m&m's are my faves!!

chocolate chip cookies

that bring me joy

Everyday things

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Florida photographer serving couples, families, and seniors.