July 12, 2017


Andy and Robin’s Beach Wedding

I am BEYOND excited to share with you Andy and Robin’s wedding that took place last week on the beautiful shores of New Smyrna Beach. 

When Robin and I met {by chance} a while back at a friend’s house, I mentioned in passing that I’m a photographer- her eyes lit up and she whispered to me that she was need for one for her wedding. I passed along my info and woke up to a message from her the following morning. I was so excited when we spoke and she told me with was an intimate beachside wedding!!! You mean I get to photograph a wedding AND stick my toes in the sand while breathing in the salty air that feeds my soul? I’m in!!! 

Needless to say it was a beautiful morning with lots of laughter! Congrats Robin and Andy!! 


Thank you SO much for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful day! xo

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