March 7, 2016


Music Mondays

Welcome to my new blog series- Music Mondays! 

As I was driving this morning I realized how much I miss music. Now don’t get me wrong, we listen to music all the time…you know, wheels on the bus, keeping our eyes on Jesus, Jingle Bells, Disney movie soundtracks, and the toddler playlist goes on and on.

I vaguely remember the days of driving with the windows down blaring Violent Femmes or Alanis Morissette belting out meaningful lyrics at the top of my lungs. Or more recently a mix of current top hits while driving briefly to and from sessions. But I recently did a short road trip by myself in the car and took FULL advantage of the radio freedom. Enter Adele… One name, one amazing voice, one obsession! 

Apparently I was a good girl because Santa left this little gem in my stocking a few months back

I don’t think there is a single track I don’t like- I mean how could you not like something Adele sings?! But this recent road trip made me realize that I need to update my seriously lacking musical playlists. Enter Music Mondays!! So tell me what you’re currently listening to, obsessing over, or you consider a must check out album. In the meantime, I’ll be wearing a hole into this CD, drinking massive amounts of coffee while nursing my little ones back to health after the flu.

And -yes I know, I think I’m the only person left on the planet listening to CDs. 


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