May 2, 2016


Meet Kaitlyn!

Senior Week is here!! I have been waiting for this! 

Graduation is quickly approaching for this senior being showcased today! And I am honored to say that I will be in attendance! It wasn’t long after my own High School graduation that she made it into the world and stole my heart…Meet Kaitlyn-my niece. 

I still can’t believe she’s a SENIOR! She is more stunning then I could ever imagine and helps me stay up to date on the latest tech stuff 😉 

She makes me laugh and makes me beyond proud!

I’m so proud of her loving and caring spirit. The way she focuses on family and all her little cousins that look up to and admire her. 

I can’t wait to see what the future brings you KK! 

Follow your heart and know that we all LOVE you so very much!

And YES, we will be at every game you play in our state and more than likely scream loudly and embarrass you…all out of love, of course 😉 GO COOGS!!

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